WSTA commits itself in the belief a center’s core is it’s employees. Every summer WSTA holds a 2 ½ day seminar series to help supervisors around the United States to get together, learn from each other and specialists in our field.
Topics we cover are below. If you would like other topics covered, please let us know!

Customer Service

From speaking to callers to speaking to clients. Customer service in the answering service/call center industry goes beyond what the retail and food industries have to endure. Speaking to callers and clients properly on the phone rather in person is an art that requires expertise and in-depth training.

Employee Monitoring

We know that every center is different. We have different platforms and different ways of monitoring our employees. At WSTA we bring a variety of ways of not only monitoring but what to monitor. What sounds to listen for that may show early signs of an employee becoming stagnant or perhaps an employee that has been over looked but may truly be your shining star.

Supervising Remotes

Whether you're building a startup or managing a fortune 500 company, read insights on remote management that can take your team to the next level. WSTA is here to help you keep up to date with the ever changing rules and ways that remote agents may try to ‘get a way’ with in house agents may not be able to.


Discussions, seminar sessions on the ever changing rules of HIPAA and the requirements of your agents as well as your office. We also tap into center requirements.

Employee Retention Credit

WSTA, its Board of Directors, and any individual who is referring you to Innovation Refunds to check your eligibility for the ERC refund does not guarantee your eligibility nor any refund amount.