WSTA Annual Conference!

November 5th-7th in Las Vegas Nevada at the MGM Signature Suites

Come Join Us in Las Vegas at WSTA’s Supervisor and Agent Conference. Come to learn, Stay to teach!

Day One

Basic Training: Training the Agent

This section will be about training agents to have empathy, accuracy, a general understanding of the importance of their job, their tone while on the lines and, we are here to help.

Basic Training: Training the Trainer

During this section, we will be discussing the importance of the trainer and what they need to be aware of. This includes, it all starts with them. Having the spidey sense of when something is not right about a trainee. Also we will be going over the importance of: Getting along with your trainee, what to emphasize on when training and when to know to go to your supervisors for issues.

Basic Training: Supervisor tips on having a productive crew

Communication is the theme here. We cannot all be at the office 100% of the time. What happens when we are not here still affects us.

Day Two

Basic Outline Of a Call: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Here we will be discussing tunnel vision. Tunnel vision of the caller, the agent, the supervisors and management

What they aren’t teaching in school.

Golden Rule… Treat others as you would like to be treated. What about the callers?
Distracted Agents
“It’s all about me”
“I want it, so I should get it”

We are back in Las Vegas!

Enjoy the convention and enjoy the beautiful property of the MGM Signature Suites!
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